Is there a time limit for an annulment in Oklahoma?

Is there a time limit to get an annulment?

Yes, depending on the type of case. In Oklahoma, a voidable marriage, such as one where one party remarried before the six month waiting requirement, cannot be annulled if what made it void no longer exists. For example, if a person gets married too soon after a divorce, either spouse may seek an annulment. After the waiting period would have ended, if the couple has not filed anything, the marriage is now valid and cannot be annulled. Other types of cases, such as being too closely related, there is no time limit to file because the problem with the marriage cannot be fixed.

Can I get an annulment because I’ve been married less than 6 months? 3 months? 1 day?

No. Oklahoma law does not allow for a marriage to be annulled just because it has not existed for very long. A valid marriage, even if it happened yesterday, cannot be annulled without a legally valid reason. You must meet one of the requirements for annulment, such as fraud, being too closely related, etc.