Child Custody

Oklahoma Child Custody and Visitation Lawyers

In Oklahoma, Custody is the right to make decisions concerning the upbringing and care of a child.  It includes the right to determine where the child lives, where s/he goes to school, what doctor s/he sees, and so on. Custody has little to do with the time actually spent with the child. A lawyer can advise you as to which custody option is most viable to your situation.


Under a sole custody arrangement, one parent has the major decision-making power and is under no obligation to consult the other parent to make decisions regarding the child.


Under joint custody both parents participate in decision-making regarding the child.  Joint-custody is typically only allowed when the parents agree to it. If the parents eventually come to an impasse, the court will then decide who should have sole-custody. Despite popular belief, it does not require each parent to have half the time with the child. In fact, joint custody is possible with one parent receiving minimal time with the child.


Under Oklahoma child custody law, visitation is the time actually spent with the child.  There are an infinite amount of arrangements for visitation.  You could have the child staying with one parent one week and the other parent the next week.  You could have the child staying with the mother most of the time with the father seeing the child every other weekend—this is commonly known as “standard visitation”.  In cases of the questionable behavior of one parent, the court may order that visitation be supervised by a court appointed supervisor. It requires exceptional circumstances, such as extreme abuse or other extreme risk of harm to the child, for a court to deny rights to visitation.