Cleveland County Parenting Class

Cleveland County (Norman\Moore) Parenting Class

Who has to take the class?

Once the Petition for dissolution of marriage is filed, the court automatically requires that the class be taken by both parents if there are minor children of the marriage.

When must the class be completed?

The parenting class must be completed prior to the divorce being completed. A judge may and likely will refuse to finalize the divorce if the class is not complete prior to the trial date or the date which the decree is to be signed.

How long is the class?

The class is approximately four hours in length.

What days are the classes available?

It is only available twice per month on Saturdays and Sundays at this time.

Why does the Cleveland County (Norman) courthouse require the class?

The class is designed to help parents going through a divorce cope with raising a child. Unique issues arise for children and the class is intended to prepare the child and parents for the realities of and coping strategies for post-marriage life. The skills learned at the class ideally equip parents with a skill-set that will ease the transition and minimize future problems between the parents.

Can I take the class online?

No. Online classes are not valid unless specifically allowed by the court. Online classes offered do not meet the requirements set out by the courthouse. It must be taken at one of two locations in Norman, Oklahoma.  The class be may be taken either at either the Crossroads Youth & Family Services, located at 1333 W. Main St., Norman, OK 73069. Or at the Center For Children & Families, located at 1151 East Main Street, Norman, OK 73071.