Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce – Oklahoma

An uncontested divorce takes place when you and your spouse agree on every issue in a divorce. One of our attorneys can guide you on what a fair settlement would be and draft the agreement for you. It is generally the simplest and least expensive type of divorce.

FAQ about Uncontested Divorces in Oklahoma

Is an uncontested divorce appropriate for my case?

Unfortunately, that depends a lot on your spouse. If you spouse is being reasonable and both of you agree on property division, child custody and visitation, then an uncontested divorce might be for you. However, if your spouse has unrealistic demands or they are not willing to budge on an issue important to you, your case may have to be contested.

Do I need to hire a lawyer for an uncontested divorce?

Yes. ¬†Your kids and your property are important. You’ve spent your life raising your children and building your assets. Protecting your rights by hiring an attorney can help you save your relationship with your children and save your assets.

Filing for divorce without an attorney can be extremely risky. Improper court filings can create significant legal problems for you down the road. It can also expose you to being sanctioned by a judge for not following the rules of civil procedure.

I have seen signs for a $199 uncontested divorce? What is that about? Is it a scam?

These signs are generally divorce form preparers or unsupervised paralegals. They are not attorneys and are not insured. In fact many are illegally practicing law without a license. Not only that but they cannot go to court with you and you are left entirely on your own in front of a judge. It is illegal for a form preparer to give legal advice but they often do and with tragic consequences. Often the forms are not prepared properly and lack Oklahoma legal requirements. Even worse many of the mistakes the divorce form preparers make go unnoticed for years and result in thousands of dollars in litigation. Because they cannot be insured under Oklahoma law, you will have no recourse against the form preparer or paralegal.

How much do you charge for an uncontested divorce?

The cost varies depending on whether you have children and/or significant assets. The average uncontested divorce prepared by the Stiles Moore law firm costs between $800 and $1600.

I filed some paperwork a paralegal drafted for my divorce but changed my mind. What can I do?

Contact us immediately so we can review the court file. There may still be time to correct any improper documents filed with the court. If you filed a divorce case against your spouse, you may end up in default and lose the case without even realizing it.